About us

We asked Les Falconer what Nova Scotia Fisherman meant to him and this was his answer...  

(Uncle Perley Beairsto and his nephew Les Falconer owners of Nova Scotia Fisherman)

" With very little exception every community in the world has heart. In some larger centers it is often curtained or stifled. Traditionally in smaller communities it is more prevalent, worn on the faces of passer byes and out in the wide open for the entire world to see. 

Without the mention and boasting of some world class athletes, a hand full of musicians and the measurable highest tides in the world,Nova Scotia passes by the stage of exceptionalism. During the ceremony,Nova Scotia is walking the shores without another person in sight. It walks through the woods in the fall enjoying a spectrum of magnificent colors. Nova Scotian winters are white and often unforgiving. Its summers are lush, green and active. Its soils are rich and its air clean and clear. Fields and coastal coves are sculpted by hard work, tradition, values and pride. 

Nova Scotian towns and cities are connected by roads, not freeways. Endless untouched landscapes invite star gazing and echoing sounds of nature in contrast to the byproduct of today's noises of population and so called success. In all of Nova Scotia you will find heart. It lives in each and all of us. It lives in our honesty, graciousness, and our principles. Like many other parts of Canada and particularly The Maritimes, instead of taking a stage of recognition, we stand humbly staring out and enjoying the infinite and natural view, naively not knowing any difference.

Proudly and with unquestionable assurance, this is the philosophy, foundation and cornerstones of Nova Scotia Fisherman. The company was built on the inspiration to create quality work in rural Canada. Nova Scotia Fisherman is a brand created out of a need to create value with the values of our past. It’s evident in our ingredients and results in premium body care from a company that cares. We source local innovators and seek out products close to the earth and shores, all while being aware of the landscape, the environment and our customers’ health. At Nova Scotia Fisherman we believe everyone has options on the shaping and impact,– sociologically, economically and environmentally. We are driven to be successful through hard work, innovation and heart, without compromising humility, pride and our values."




Meet the NSF Crew:

The Captains:
Perley Beairsto
Les Falconer

Deck Hands :

Gavin Gates

Carrie Dorman

Cindy Webster

Tasha Huntley

Marcia Lawrence

Sarah Huntley 

Tassi Sewell

Mike LeGoffic

Shannon MacLean

Jennifer Falconer