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Days For GIrls

Posted by Tassi Sewell on

Every time that we cut our hand made bars of soaps into the perfect 4.8oz bar we are left with the end pieces that is not exactly the size we like. Although that bar may not be the perfect size or shape, it is still quality handmade soap with our natural ingredients. We have been saving these “ scrap soaps” in the hopes that we may find a better use for them. We are happy to say we have found a wonderful organization that we are proud to begin to donate every scrap piece of soap that we have from now on.

The organization is called Days for Girls. They believe that every girl and women in the world should have access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene products and proper health education and they are on a mission to provide this for every girl and women by 2022. We are proud to support this mission. With the donation of our soaps, the girls and women who receive these hand made sustainable hygiene products, will have the proper sanitary means to clean and re-use these products! This mission is a sustainable and creative solution to getting feminine hygiene products to women who need them.

For some women in third world countries without access to proper feminine care they can feel forced to stay home during their monthly menstruation. With the Days for Girls movement, these women can feel the freedom and independence to take control of their bodies and properly care for themselves during this time of month. By providing them with the proper education these women can feel confident in their own skin and we are proud to support that.

Learn more about Days for Girls and donate on their website to their wonderful cause.